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Pokemon 'NO' around Military Installations

Players of the new mobile virtual reality game Pokemon Go are recommended by Fort Wainwright to stay away from military access points due to security concerns.

'Jury Rights' Advocate Speaking Out

Frank Turney is making his voice heard in advance of a visit by a US Supreme Court justice.

Event Encourages Native Vote

There was a large crowd at Kiwanis Park by the Carlson Center Friday afternoon.

Service Dog Impoundment Update

The service dog that was taken to the animal shelter after the owners car was broken into has been returned.

AK Supreme Court Rules on Minor's Abortion

The Alaska Supreme Court, on Friday, found unconstitutional a law requiring physicians to notify a parent, guardian, or custodian of a minor seeking an abortion.

Kobuk River Deaths

Alaska State Troopers say a 4-year-old Noorvik boy was found alone after his father and grandmother died in apparent drownings along the Kobuk River.

Borough Talks Cannabis Cafés

The borough assembly met Thursday night for a work session on a proposed ban for cannabis cafés.

McHugh Creek Firefight Continues

Two Alaska Army National Guard Black Hawk helicopters have been doing water bucket operations on the McHugh Creek fire this week.

Service Dog Stolen, then Impounded

Elizabeth Tafoya was at an appointment on Wilbur Street, and when she came out, her back passenger window had been broken and the dog was stolen.

Interior Flood Advisory Extended

A flood advisory remains in effect for the Chena River Basin through July 24th for the Chena River from North Pole and upstream.

Man Says Alien Took Over His Girlfriend

A Fairbanks man that allegedly struck his girlfriend, claiming she had been taken over by an alien, pleaded out today in Fairbanks Superior Court.

Native Baby Regalia Contest

WEIO held its 55th annual Native Baby Regalia Contest earlier today at the Carlson Center.

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