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Shire receives European approval for INTUNIV as a non-stimulant ADHD treatment for children and adolescents

Mon, 09/21/2015 - 06:00
Shire has announced that the European Commission granted Marketing Authorisation for once-daily, non-stimulant INTUNIV® (guanfacine hydrochloride prolonged release tablets) for the treatment of...

Co-contribution of rotavirus vaccines (RVS) and pneumococcal conjugate vaccines (PCVs) in reduction of pediatric hospital burden

Mon, 09/21/2015 - 03:00
Researchers show that the introduction of both pneumococcal conjugate vaccines (PCVs) and rotavirus vaccines (RVs) led to the rapid and dramatic reduction in hospital burden of both winter diarrhea...

Indigenous neonatal care program helps mothers and babies, Australia

Mon, 09/21/2015 - 03:00
A community-based antenatal program designed to provide access to culturally appropriate care for pregnant Indigenous women in southern metropolitan Perth has shown encouraging signs of improving...

Teenagers who become pregnant at higher risk of further pregnancies

Sun, 09/20/2015 - 16:00
Nearly a quarter of teenagers in England and Wales who have had an abortion have been pregnant before, according to new research from the University of East Anglia (UEA).

If mom or dad is a smoker, their teenager is more likely to be a smoker too

Fri, 09/18/2015 - 08:00
The more a parent smokes, the more their teenage son or daughter will also smoke.

Stress in pregnancy may raise risk for dental caries in offspring

Fri, 09/18/2015 - 07:00
Children of mothers who experience chronic stress in pregnancy may be at higher risk for dental caries, new research finds, particularly those of mothers with low income.

Grieving before conception may be a risk factor for infant mortality

Fri, 09/18/2015 - 06:00
An elevated infant death rate may be linked to mourning experienced by women in the months before they become pregnant, reports a study in Psychosomatic Medicine: Journal of Biobehavioral Medicine...

Many eligible low-income kids with mental disabilities not getting SSI benefits, says IOM report

Fri, 09/18/2015 - 04:00
Many low-income children with mental disorders who are eligible for federal benefits may not be receiving them, according to a new report from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and...

Adolescent painkiller abuse a big problem for small towns, rural areas

Fri, 09/18/2015 - 04:00
Adolescents who live in rural areas and small towns and cities are more likely to abuse prescription painkillers than adolescents who live in large urban areas, according to sociologists.

Physical activity, sadness, and suicidality in bullied US adolescents

Fri, 09/18/2015 - 03:00
A study to be published in the Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (JAACAP) reports that exercise for 4 or more days per week is associated with an approximate 23%...

Pioneering Epilepsy Passport launches in bid to transform children's epilepsy care, UK

Thu, 09/17/2015 - 16:00
Innovative tool developed by Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health set to improve communication between professionals and keep children and young people out of hospitalWith lack of...

Blood tests reveal early signs of cardiovascular disease risk in obese African-American teens

Thu, 09/17/2015 - 08:00
Obese African American teens, particularly girls, may have immune system changes that can lead to high blood pressure, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease in adulthood.

New method of immunotherapy delivery lowers pain in children withhigh-risk neuroblastoma

Thu, 09/17/2015 - 06:00
In children with high-risk relapsed/refractory neuroblastoma, long-term infusion (LTI) of the antibody ch14.

A toddler with type 2 diabetes

Thu, 09/17/2015 - 05:00
A case study of a 3-year old girl with type 2 diabetes--thought to be one of the youngest ever people to present with the condition--is presented at this year's annual meeting of the European...

Rejection increases emotional problems in foster children

Thu, 09/17/2015 - 03:00
A study carried out in Spain analyses the variables involved in behavioural problems of children in foster care.

UI Health validates cure for sickle cell in adults

Thu, 09/17/2015 - 02:00
Physicians at the University of Illinois Hospital & Health Sciences System have cured 12 adult patients of sickle cell disease using a unique procedure for stem cell transplantation from healthy...

Study from England shows no garden access for young children linked to childhood obesity later in childhood

Wed, 09/16/2015 - 08:00
A study of 6467 children from England--presented at this year's annual meeting of the European Association for the Study of Diabetes (EASD) in Stockholm--shows that no access to a garden at age 3-5...

Effects of prenatal myelomeningocele closure on the need for a CSF shunt

Wed, 09/16/2015 - 08:00
Management of Myelomeningocele Study (MOMS) investigators analyzed updated data on the effects of prenatal myelomeningocele closure on the need for placement of a cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) shunt...

Can outdoor activities help prevent nearsightedness in children?

Wed, 09/16/2015 - 07:00
The rate of nearsightedness is increasing, especially in Asian countries. Now, new research suggests outdoor activities might help prevent the condition in children.

Do American adolescents approve of marijuana?

Wed, 09/16/2015 - 07:00
Groundbreaking research published in The American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse suggests that adolescents have become less likely to approve of and use marijuana over the last decade when...