Another accident at intersection where fatal crash killed North Pole teen

(Photo Courtesy Google Maps)

Another motor vehicle collision was reported last evening at the same intersection where a
North Pole High School teen died the evening before.

According to Troopers, the accident was reported at 6:15p.m. at Badger Road and Bradway and was a minor damage only collision.

Witnesses say they were at a memorial set up for 18-year-old Elizabeth Schack leaving flowers for the teen who perished in a T-bone collision with a Ford F-350.

Authorities who responded to the fatal accident say that intersection is a busy spot in the North Pole area and urge motorists to use caution when pulling out into traffic.

North Star Fire Department's Battalion Chief Justin Boddy said, ""That is a very busy intersection in the NP area. We have multiple turn lanes; it is a 4-way intersection so you have a lot of traffic going each way. We commonly see people not looking or going around traffic not have patience for people turning into turn lanes, not saying that had anything to do with the accident yesterday, but it is a busy intersection.