Family discovers relatives flown to Anchorage after horse trampling

FAIRBANKS - What were described as minor injuries from a horse drawn carriage accident on Father's Day have turned out to be far worse.

Two pedestrians were flown to Alaska Native Medical Center in Anchorage with what their family described as serious injuries after being trampled outside of Raven Landing.

Virginia Huntington and Harold McCarty were walking down the street when the horses became startled, injuring the two, along with riders inside the carriage.

Family members of Huntington and McCarty organized a city-wide search effort this morning, and reported them as missing to the Fairbanks Police Department after they failed to return home Sunday afternoon.

No one had notified their family that the two were involved in the accident and had been flown to Anchorage to receive treatment for their injuries.

After learning that they were in Anchorage, relatives coordinated flights and said it is going to be a long road to recovery.

Their granddaughter Shaina Perry said, "We weren't told they were there, we were given misinformation. We even told them the description, I went there personally, I called them and I went to the hospital personally. No one knew they had been treated or even flown to Anchorage."

As for the nature of their injuries, she said, "My grandfather his hip was broken and he is in surgery right now. My grandmother has some serious injuries, broken bones, and she is being kept asleep right now and is in a lot of pain, she may need surgery too. She has a broken neck, bruised spleen, broken ankle, broken leg... just a lot of injuries."