Fred Meyer announces program to save customers money

With the Alaska department of labor saying food costs are going to continue to rise in our state, Fred Meyer is working to do something to help consumers.

Prices are a big deal to many people, especially those on low or fixed incomes.

On Thursday, Fred Meyer announced a new pricing strategy at a meeting in Anchorage.

The idea is to attract customers by lowering the prices of thousands of items by working with suppliers to take costs out when shipping to Alaska.

Ann Reed, Vice President of Merchandising at Fred Meyer said, "It has to go on the water, so how do we reduce certain cost pieces, whether its additional wrap supply, additional cardboard, certain things we can take out of the system"

Carrs Safeway declined to comment on prices.

Walmart said they are committed to providing customers with the lowest prices.

The way prices at those three stores compare right now (according to the department of labor's list of common food items), a half–gallon of milk is cheaper at Fred Meyer.

A dozen eggs, a medium cheese pizza, and one basic frozen meal is cheaper at Walmart.

When you're talking about beef, a pound of it is the cheapest at Fred Meyer, with bananas costing the least at Walmart.

Fred Meyer says the new lower prices roll-out will happen starting September 21.

Walmart says it has already put out a new program that will compare local grocery ads and give customers the difference if a competitor's price is lower.