Another week of testimony wraps up in Fairbanks Four hearing

Submitted by mbowen on 10/23/2015 - 23:16.

The evidentiary hearing continued today in Fairbanks Superior Court in the case of the Fairbanks Four.

Kevin Pease, Eugene Vent, Marvin Roberts, and George Frese continue to maintain they are innocent of the murder they've served 18 years in prison for.

This morning's proceedings began with a tape deposition of another former high school student talking about his encounter with the man the petitioners claim really killed John Hartman.

Joshua Sorenson, a former Fairbanks resident, talked to attorneys about the brutal beating his brother suffered at the hands of Jason Wallace, only months before John Hartman was beaten to death on the corner of 9th and Barnette Street in 1997.

"It was probably just a full minute, which wasn't that long, but when someone is pounding on someone's face, it's a really long time."

"Jason is punching and kicking my brother in the face, full force, I mean as hard as a human possibly can hit someone, he's hitting my brother. But this isn't like a normal fist fight. He hurt my brother really bad, so it was very obvious when someone was talking about beating someone. He broke his nose, smashed a bunch of sinuses in his face, I mean he beat him, you couldn't even recognize him one side of his face. "

Despite reporting the beating to FPD, no actions were ever taken against Wallace.

The last of the Fairbanks Four, Marvin Roberts, took the stand this morning; his emotional testimony recounted his interaction with FPD detectives Jim Geier and Aaron Ring the morning after Hartman was found beaten on the sidewalk.

Roberts outlined his night which consisted, according to him, of driving friends to and from the Eagle's Hall where he danced and hung out and later returned alone to his house.
Just days after, he would be arrested and charged with the murder and assault of Hartman.

"I was innocent, I kept telling them that. Knocking on the door, Fairbanks police, we have a search warrant, something along those lines. They were all scared and surprised. "