Fairbanks Four hearing continues

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on 10/26/2015 - 17:19.

FAIRBANKS- Today was day 15 of the evidence hearing for the group of men known as the Fairbanks Four.

Attorneys for Kevin Pease, Eugene Vent, Marvin Roberts, and George Frese wrapped their case after more brief testimony from the last of the men to take the stand.

After three weeks of evidence and witnesses that the petitioners say prove their clients are innocent of the 1997 murder of John Hartman; it is now up to the State who intend to uphold the "guilty" verdicts.

The first witness to the stand was one of the men's mothers.

It was a particular statement Prosecutor Adrienne Bachman honed in on with another witness who said he came forward 18 years later after a FPD investigator came to teach his high school class.

Stephen Paskvan, a witness for the State testified, "I said, 'yeah, there's a lot of things where it'd be interesting to get information out to the public, or whatever'."

Paskvan says he drove Vent's mother to the airport after the wedding reception where she allegedly disclosed a conversation she had with her son.

"He assured her that "Mom, I never got out of the car."

That conversation, according to Vent's mother, never happened.

During cross examination, Paskvan admitted to conversations with FPD investigators in which he criticized the "Fairbanks Four."

And further admitted to being a bar owner where investigators including Aaron Ring frequented.

But it was a taxi-cab driver whose account of that night took up much of the day.

That witness testified she actually saw, what she believed to be, the Fairbanks Four during the time of the Hartman murder.

A taxi-cab driver Veronica Solomon said, "They also want truth, but they didn't see what I saw. They don't have these memories plaguing them that this needs to come out, you know."

Though Roberts, convicted of being the driver, drove a blue two door car- she described a beige FOUR door car but swore it was Marvin and Kevin Pease she saw that night.

The state announced this morning they would be calling Jason Wallace to testify later this week.