Fairbanks murder trial continues

Submitted by Staff Reporter on 02/15/2017 - 16:01.

The prosecution finished up questioning with its final witness today (WED) in the trial of Major Workman, who is charged with murder.

This was followed by a denied request for an acquittal and the decision to have Workman testify in his own defense.

Workman is accused of murdering the landlord of his girlfriend, Jimmy Gojdics back in May of 2015

The lead investigator on the case, Alaska State Trooper Michael Wery, testified that he first thought the shooting took place on Gojdics' property and the shooter used a brass catcher to catch bullet casings.

But, after the discovery of bullet casings across the creek on Workman's girlfriend, Mary Ella Davis' rental property, the theory changed.

He said he believes Workman shot Gojdics from Davis' side of the creek, but he doesn't know what interaction initially started the gunfire.

The prosecution rested and the defense asked Superior Court Judge, Jane Kauvar, for an acquittal.

She denied the request.

She also denied another request from defense attorney Schwalm to instruct the jury that they may consider self-defense as a defense. She said there was not enough evidence unless Workman, himself, testifies.

Major Workman is expected to take the witness stand Thursday Morning.