FNSB School Budget Taking Shape

Submitted by Staff Reporter on 02/16/2017 - 17:51.

The Fairbanks North Star Borough School District held a 'budget forum' Wednesday evening at North Pole High School.

District Superintendent, Karen Gaborik, met with the Board of Citizens Budget Committee and collected input from staff, teachers and principals before creating a budget she believes is responsible and sustainable.

The school board will begin work sessions next week to review the proposal.

After the board has created its recommended budget, it will be sent to the Borough for further review.

Gaborik is excited to bring full day kindergarten, as well instructional aids and tutors to the district.

If residents were unable to attend the forum in North Pole, there will be two more meetings; one February 22 at Ryan Middle, and another March 8 at U-Park Elementary.

Both meetings are from 6 to 7-30PM.

Gaborik told us "The next step I would say, is to keep track of what's on the website, and if people are interested they can dig into some of the details. If things start to shift in Juneau, then you'll see the school board administration adjusting accordingly. So as soon as we get information from Juneau on what education funding will look like, then we can start making more solid decisions around our budget. Certainly if you have relationships and want to help advocate, I would contact your representatives in Juneau and let them know that's important to you with regard to education funding."