Gov. asked to exonerate Fairbanks Four

Submitted by mbowen on 10/15/2015 - 21:52.

The evidentiary hearing for the Fairbanks four continued today in Fairbanks superior court.

But in Anchorage, there was also a lot happening concerning the four, at the start of the Alaska Federation of Natives convention.

Supporters of Marvin Roberts, Eugene Vent, Kevin Pease and George Frese made a big request to the governor this morning. They asked that the men, who have been in prison for 18 years, be exonerated.

Jerry Isaac, the AFN Co-Chair said "We are shocked and saddened and grieving because the facts prove them innocent"

Governor Walker responded, saying "Please don't hold back any of your frustration or your passion. You're entitled to that, because of what you have done, your passion, they are in trial today, they're getting their day in court."

Bineshi Albert, a Fairbanks Four Supporter said "They're young men who have been unjustly incarcerated and their families, their communities all of those people we have served time with these young men."

A closely watched case setting the tone at one of the biggest gatherings of alaska natives.

Marvin Roberts, who was released on parole earlier this year is scheduled to speak during the A F N convention on Saturday afternoon.

Also on Saturday, delegates will take a vote on a resolution to release and declare the innocence of the four men.

The Fairbanks Four were convicted of beating 17 year old John Hartman to death in 1997.